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Vertical Sump Pump

Vertical Sump Pump

Dimensioni: 40 - 300 mm
Flusso: 7.56 - 1490 m3/hr
Prevalenza: 4 - 55 m
Velocità: 300 - 2200 rpm
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The BP series pump is single stage, vertical cantilever, single and double suction pump. Liquid ends construction is the same white iron as in the other models. Bearing are grease lucricated.corrosion resistance Sump pump
The BPR is constructed similar to BP, except all the parts in contact with the pumpage are rubber coated, The rubber coating is used for corrosive applications.
1. Material construction optional
BP: abrasion resisting metal construction
BPR: anti-corrosive rubber construction
2. Do not need any shaft seal or sealing water
Also worked well under insufficient suction duty.
3. The type with “L” is the pump with extension shaft
It suitable to deep condition. It has guid bearing. So it more stable and used more wide. However the flushing water is necessary on the guide bearing part.
4. The agitator is available
We can assembly the agitator as requirements.

Type Material Flow
Max Power (kw) Speed (rpm)
40C-BP/R Metal/Rubber 7.2-39.6 3.9-27.4 15 1000-2200
65D-BP/R Metal/Rubber 19.08-102.6 5-31.1 30 700-1500
100E-BP/R Metal/Rubber 41.5-259.2 5.1-37.2 70 500-1200
150F-BP/R Metal/Rubber 115.2-576 6.7-35.7 110 500-1000
200F-BP/R Metal/Rubber 180-734.4 7.1-28.2 110 400-850
250S-BP/R Metal/Rubber 363-1188 7-36 200 400-750
300S-BP/R Metal/Rubber 385-1492 7.8-55 250 400-700

This pump is suitable for metallurgy, mining, coal, power plants, building materials and general industrial applications that convey abrasive and high-concentration slurry.  This pump has been used very successfully for ash removal in power plants.
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