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Trash pump

Trash pump
Trash pump is a kind product of simple installation, convenient disassembly. It is generally applicable to all kinds of industrial factory or wastewater treatment engineering.

General life wastewater or industrial wastewater (mildly corrosive) we can choose ASW submersible type movable trash pump. The pump has the function of non-clog and more convenient using, you just need to put the pump in the sewage pool.Choosing this trash pump we must be clear that the media is only sewage instead of mud or medium inside not contain a lot of sundry, such as cloth, hair, waste paper.

If the medium contains more sundry, we recommend that you choose the second trash pump we will introduce, trash pump with cutting, the pump impeller with blade below, can chop sundry, then carry out along with sewage.The premise is that it only can deliver sewage not mud.

Trash pump
For trash pump selection, we should choose the right one according to actual condition and the medium characteristics, also we need to note the corrosive medium, if corrosive medium is too strong, so the customer should consider stainless trash pump.Finally, we should consider the medium environment, if there are flammable and explosive items around,the pump we choose must be the explosion-proof motor, Please remember!

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