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Notes of the double suction pump installation

Notes of the double suction pump installation

Double suction Pump installation needs to consider the following aspects:

1. Double suction pump install basement must be firmly, and can absorb the vibration of the pump and permanent support unit, the foundation must be sufficient to support 1.5 times the weight of the unit (including the motor). Reinforced concrete is generally used as the foundation. The weight of the foundation itself: for the motor connected type, the mechanical weight of more than 3 times; engine (such as diesel engine) straight connection type, the mechanical weight of more than 5 times. 
2. On the basis of the pump basement inspection by the relevant departments, the basic size conform to the chart can be delivered to the installation; 
3. Double suction pump foundation should be level and smooth, with bubble level instrument assurance levelness; 
4. Double suction pump in a grouting, should set aside the anchor bolt holes of the pump and motor seat position, a grouting surface shall be the basis of 20 ~ 40 mm lower than the unit under the floor plane, for secondary grouting. 

Stay dry cement grouting solid rear can put the pump and motor. Attention should be paid to make the pump seat fully grouted, can not have empty, continuous grouting can not have a long time break off. Grouting quality directly affect the vibration and noise of pump unit, so be careful. Equipment installation and initial alignment for a base unit, will base on the foundation surface, make a block or wedge leveling floor, use level is, the levelness tolerances are not more than 0.1 mm/m. And then placing equipment.

Loosen the pump and motor coupling device of connecting bolts, in the circumferential direction of the pump and motor coupling Some check on the axial clearance value (see the gap value dimension chart), transverse deviation 0.06 mm or less; With the straight rules (blade feet) across the pump and motor coupling, check the pump and motor coupling, cylindrical deviation 0.10 mm or less. Secondary grouting pump and motor Open the pump and motor used for welding common base, consider its rigidity, suggest public base also buried into the concrete, only the public base upper concrete.
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