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How to clean the pump parts

How to clean the pump parts?

In spite of the slurry pumps itself is working in a complex environment, the end of every, slurry pump itself has been beyond recognition, but essential parts of the slurry pump in the daily cleaning, cleaning after relationship with the quality of slurry pump and make the work efficiency. So in the cleaning of slurry pump parts, need to be very careful, this is a work can not be ignored. Slurry pump operating personnel must pay attention to use the correct cleaning method can improve the cleaning efficiency, reduce maintenance cost.

Due to the special working environment for the slurry pump itself, so slurry pump in use after a period of time, cleaning the internal and external parts of the slurry pump is very necessary. Cleaning slurry pump can be divided for the maintenance of cleaning and preparation before cleaning and assembly parts cleaning assembly, every step of cleaning for slurry pump are particularly important.
For cleaning the slurry pump, is the main cleaning of slurry pump parts, so in the cleaning of slurry pump parts, cap is coated, bonded parts cleaning requirements highest, in need of special care. If cleaning is not careful, it will cause the coating and adhesive failure; failure of slurry pump parts cleaning, will directly affect the service life of slurry pump.

If do not pay attention when cleaning the slurry pumps, did not meet the standard cleaning, it will make important friction cavity and fell into a lot of dirt, when the lubricating oil road encounter these dirt, resulting in slurry pump by certain wear and damage, a direct impact on the working efficiency and service life.

Not just in for slurry pump do daily cleaning, improper cleaning will appear problem, even in peacetime repair, if not professional, lead to appeal the case, so for slurry pump, whether it is the daily cleaning and maintenance need to be very careful.
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