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How to adjust slurry pump speed

How to adjust slurry pump speed ?

There are three methods to adjust the slurry pump speed, for your reference.

1.Variable frequency speed regulation. Using frequency conversion governor, by changing the current frequency to change the rotational speed of the motor, and then change the speed of the slurry pump. The advantage of this method is can realize the automatic adjustment of the slurry pump speed. Frequency control in foreign countries has been widely used, due to the high price of frequency converter, in the country should promote the promotion, but the application is not universal.

2. The use of variable speed motor. Because the motor is more expensive, and the efficiency is low, it is not widely used.

3. Belt wheel speed regulation. The slurry pump and motor using triangle belt transmission, by changing the slurry pump or motor belt wheel size to speed, this method is widely used in domestic slurry pump, AM series slurry pump and AMR series slurry pump. The disadvantage is that the limited the scope of speed, and not always automatically adjustable speed, stop change wheel.

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