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Split Casing Pump

Split Casing Pump

Dimensioni: 250 - 1200 mm
Flusso: 110 - 14400 m3/hr
Prevalenza: 6 - 108 m
Velocità: 500 - 2900 rpm
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Model QS pump is a single-stage double-suction horizontal split centrifugal pump and used to transport pure water and the liquid of both physical and chemical nature similar to those of water, the maximum temperature of which must not be over 125℃ , suitable for water supply and drainage in factories, mines, cities and electric stations, waterlogged land drainage and irrigation of farming land and carious hydraulic projects.
Both inlet and outlet of this pump are placed under the axial line, horizontally and vertical to the axial line, the pump casing is opened in the middle, so it is unneccessary to remove the water inlet and outlet pipelines and motor(or other prime movers). The pump moves CW viewing from the clutch to it. The pump moving CCW can also be made.

The main parts of the pump are: pump casing, pump cover , impeller , shaft, dual-suction seal ring, muff, bearing etc.

The impeller is static-balance calibrated, fixed with the muff and the muff nuts in both sides and its axial position can be adjusted via the nuts and axial force gets balanced by means of the symmetrical arrangement of its blades.

The pump shaft is supported by two single-column centripetal ball bearings, which are mounted inside of the bearing body on both ends of the pump and lubricated with grease. The dual-suction seal ring is used to reduce the leak at the impeller.

The flexible couplings connect the pump with the motor directly. For pumps driven by belt, there must be an intermediate bracket fitted for supporting the belt pulley.

1.Bearing 2.Framework oil seal 3.Bearing gland 4.Pump casing 5.Packing gland 6.Packings
7.Packing ring 8.Packing sleeve 9.Shaft sleeve 10.Pump cover 11.Impeller 12.Washing pipe
13.O ring 14.Seal ring for casing 15.Mechanical seal liner 16.O ring 17.Mechanical seal 18.Mechanical seal gland
19.Water retaining ring 20.O ring 21.Bearing housing at driven end 22.Shaft 23.Couplings 24.C type key
25.Framework oil seal 26.Shaft ring 27.Bearing junk ring 28.Cylindrical pin 29.Mechanical seal 30.Cylindrical pin
31.B type key 32.Packing seal 33.Seal 34.Round nut lock washer 35.Round nut 36.Bearing inner liner
37.Pump end bearing housing 38.Bearing spacer
Flow rate
QS150 110~220 35~84 2900 30~55 67~80
QS200 160~351 31~100 2900 37~110 67~85
QS250 324~612 8.6~71 1450 22~132 72~86
QS300 504~972 8~98 1450 30~300 70~84
QS350 745~1663 10~140 1450 55~680 70~88
QS400 900~1620 32~98 980~1480 155~500 71.5~84
QS500 1150~2450 10.6~108 740~970 110~800 70~89
QS600 2304~4000 13~80 730~970 185~900 70~91
QS700 2111~4896 39.5~99.5 740~980 560~1250 72~92
QS800 3960~7200 23.5~84 600~740 450~1600 77~92
QS1000 6000~9900 32~52 600~990 1250 79~87
QS1200 5832~14400 6~95.7 500~745 710~3450 80~90

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